Merkür Holding Continues to Pursue its Goals in Aviation, International Transportation, and Tourism

Merkür Holding continues to take steps forward in the sectors of aviation, international transportation, and tourism where it has been providing services for 21 years while maintaining its development. The founders of the company, Halis Din and Güler Filiz, conveyed the company's journey for this year as follows:

'2023 can be characterized as an extremely productive year for the Turkis Aviation Sector. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism data, there has been a record increase in the number of tourists, surpassing even the previously considered peak figures of 2019. The number of foreign visitors to Turkey increased by 8% in the first 8 months of the year, reaching 40 million people, which means a 14% increase compared to 2019; indeed, the data shared by the State Airports Authority, also supports this. Moreover, the aircraft traffic landing and taking off at airports increased significantly compared to 2019, and as Merkür Holding, we exceeded our pre-pandemic performance this year by conducting over 10,000 flights with our aircrafts in our service network. 

We take pride in maintaining stability in our goal of serving 1% of passengerrs and all aircraft traffic in Türkiye this year as well, continuing to offer unique, personalized services such as private aircraft leasing, helicopter chartes, or equipped ambulance aircraft leasing to our customers.'

Halis Din, the CEO of Merkür Holding, who also had a successful period in line with their visions in 2023, stated: 'Attention, effort, and care are at the core of our success story. The contribution of each of our employees to the brand value we have achieved in the 21 years in the sector, the experience we have gained over the years, and our solution-oriented thinking are significant. Therefore, considering changing customer needs, the world order, and sector requirements every year, we strive to strengthen our presence in line with our vision by making necessary investments.'

In addition, Güler Filiz, the CFO of the company emphasized the values and mission of the company by stating, 'No matter how complex the operational needs are, with our 24/7 service approach and over 21 years of experience, we focus on ensuring customer ssatisfaction at all stages, thus being able to maintain our brand value. In 2023, we continue to be pioneers in our fields with more than 10,000 private flights conducted based on this principle.'

Starging its journey in the International Transportation sector in 2003 and crowned today with Aviation, Tourism as well, Merkür Holding progresses confidently towards becoming a group of companies distinguised by integration and expansion in these areas, and with superior service quality.

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